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Photo: TREATS, Inc.  Treatment Resources and Education for Animals in Temporary Shelter, Inc. Photo of Dog: 7 month old, white, Chow mix. Photo of cat: 4-year old gray tabby. Photo of Cat: 5-year old, neutered male, black and white Persian.  Photo of dog: 3-year old, female.
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Tallahassee Animal Service Center wish list

The Animal Service Center ia always looking for temporary foster homes for our youngest animals and volunteers to participate in their Pet Enrichment Program. These programs rely completely on your donations.


  • Canned kitten and puppy food
  • Kitten and puppy infant formula (KMR, cat milk, Colostrum)
  • Kitten and puppy dry food (small and medium bags)
  • Canned and dry dog and cat food
  • Milk bones, dog biscuits, dog meat rolls
  • Lettuce, celery, carrots, apples and greens
  • Rabbit toys and treats (wood chew blocks, salt and mineral blocks)
  • Small cat toys (balls, stuffed toys, ping pong balls)
  • Small and medium-size, WASHABLE stuffed animal toys.
  • Cat treats, catnip
  • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls, socks, shower rings
  • Brown paper lunch bags
  • Dog toys (large hard rubber toys like Kong toys)
  • Large knotted ropes
  • Hard puppy chew toys
  • Hard rubber baby teething rings
  • Dried pig ears and cow ears
  • Extra small tennis balls

Home /nesting /kennel
  • Small nursing bottles
  • Puppy pads
  • Small and extra small pet beds
  • Cat and kitten litter (in cans or small bags)
  • Extra small kitten litter pans
  • Bath, kitchen and beach towels, bath mats, wash cloths, used baby blankets
  • Shoe boxes
  • Standard-size pillowcases
  • Hay
  • Baby shampoo for bathing puppies and kittens
  • Vinyl-covered baby bed "bumper" pads

    In addition you can:
    • Recycle! Donate your printer ink cartridges, newspapers and aluminum beverage cans to the Animal Service Center.
    • Volunteer. Volunteering doesn’t have to involve a large commitment—the shelter does ask that you work a similar time slot every week. An hour or two on a Saturday afternoon isn’t a big chunk out of your week, but it will mean the world to the shelter staff, and the dogs (and cats) you can walk during that time!
    • Please SPAY or NEUTER your pet!

    download wishlist (12kb)

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  • treats, inc.
    p.o. box 14806
    tallahassee, fl 32317-4806


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